The difference between SAJ and other studios is that we build well-rounded performers with the life skills to succeed in whatever they do in life. Our dancers learn several aspects of dance productions including, set design, working with staging, props, costume changes, musical theatre, and much more. The life skills we teach include positive body image, nutrition, fitness, injury prevention, and care. 

Our goal is to bring discipline, positive body awareness, strength in self-confidence, an understanding of good nutrition, student health, and a sense of pride. 

We are the go-to studio when you are serious about your dancer's dance education. We've employed fitness and core strength programs to help dancers have the inner core strength to perform at their best. We expect students to practice hard in the studio and at home. Our dance team travels to conventions and educational programs around the West. Dancers are given an opportunity  

SAJ Dance Productions promotes positive, confident attitudes. We teach the values of hard work, dedication, team cohesion, and physical core strength to extract the best that the student has to offer. Read more about our method of teaching on our "About Us" page.