M-F 4:00 pm - 8:00 pm
PHONE: 760-656-0773

SAJ Dance is a brand that revolves around the growth, mentoring, and support of children and young adults of the Coachella Valley. SAJ does more than just teach dance. SAJ teaches health, fitness, nutrition, confidence, injury prevention, and moral fortitude. 

Our owner and creative director, Stephanie Jenkins is a certified personal trainer, youth fitness trainer, strength and conditioning trainer, and nutritionist and has been dancing competitively for decades.  

All students are encouraged to take ballet. The base movements of all genres are derived from solid ballet core training. In addition to proper technique, we teach the terminology and history of dance, the kinesiology of body movement, and how to care for the dancer's body nutritionally and when injured. We care for the whole dancer: mind, body, and spirit. The end game is to grow kids that we would be proud to live next door to once they are grown up. We offer recreational dance classes as well as a competitive dance team. The goal with our dance team is not to win but to experience instruction and performing in various environments to build confidence in the skills. All of our students are encouraged to reach for the excellence inside themselves. We nurture the artist, inspire the competitor, and teach love for the art. We develop team unity in the art of dance and excellence in performance and require the best our students have inside. Our combined experience in dance and working and mentoring children is unique. Read our Staff Bios to learn more about our experience and education.

SAJ Studios has a spacious lobby, retail area, two studios, class observation areas for parents, and a student locker room. Students are encouraged to hang out in our student lounge before or after class. We provide free Wi-Fi to students. SAJ is located in BG Plaza. Other amenities in the Plaza include a restaurant, boutique, masseuses, private patio, and concierge service.