DANCE TEAM FOCUS - Our dance team focuses on the experience. It's about learning from different teachers, dancing on different stages and meeting other dancers. We focus on fellowship with your teammate, self expression and team work. We want our dancers to develop self confidence and learn self expression. As our moto says, we dance to express, not to impress. 

While our team is an award winning team, the awards are a by product of the work. If your dancer is interested in team, register for ballet and speak to our Creative Director at your first class. 

6-10-year-olds 9-10:30 am
11-17-year-olds 11-12:30pm

With guest judges
Two teams: Elite and Performance Team
What is Elite vs. Performance Team

Elite Team: these are dancers who are fully committed to 6+ hours of training per week along with additional dance team practice time. These dancers will travel to competitions and conventions throughout the year and will be considered for opportunities such as scholarships, out-of-state trips, and more. These dancers are required to execute all technical requirements. This team is meant for the die-hard dancers who would like to push themselves to a professional level. This Team is competitive.

Performance Team: are dancers who dance locally at events such as parades, local show opportunities - along with the elite team Dancers on this team are also required to execute the basic technical requirements. These dancers must be committed to 3+ hours of training per week along with additional practice for events. This team is recreational.

Why you should consider being a part of our studio's dance team.

#1 Our Dance team travels to conventions and studies with remarkable, world-renowned choreographers.
#2 Teamwork will become your mantra.
#3 The skills you develop will help you for the rest of your life.
#4 You and your teammates will bring out the best in each other.
#5 You'll get to dance more than the average dancer.
#6 You'll have many “once in a lifetime" experiences.
#7 You'll learn how to be a role model.
#8 You'll see first hand that hard work pays off.
#9 You'll get serious adrenaline rushes.
#10 You'll become part of a fellowship of dancers.