SAJ Tuition Breakdown

Thanks for your interest in dancing with SAJ. We welcome you to our dance production family.  

 Here at SAJ, we strive to not only build dancers but athletes & encourage them to find a path far beyond their minor years. Our program is broken down into a 10-month program focusing on technique, performance/stage skills, artistry, nutrition of the body & injury prevention. Prices reflect our in-session days and account closures due national, school, or calendar holidays. Our season starts in August and ends in mid/late June, mirroring the school district school schedules as closely as possible. For monthly payments, you can expect your auto payment to be the same throughout the season for 10 months straight. No additional fees will be added to your monthly bill, making your experience with SAJDP all-inclusive. All dancers enrolled in Ballet perform 2x a year, once in Winter and once in Spring. Dancers enrolled in only Hip-Hop, Jazz & Lyrical perform 1x a year in Spring. Dancers may take as many classes as desired for their level & age group. All classes are taught techniques for all 10 months. Videography & Photography of the shows are gifted to families. SAJDP is a theater production dance studio. SAJ uses large & small hand-built props. Students get the full experience of theater and dance combined. Fees, however, do not include private lessons, solo choreography lessons, or anything outside of the recreational class schedule or rehearsals. Additional instruction is available upon request or by booked appointment. 

Payment Requirements
  • All parents/guardians must have an active credit card on file, regardless of their preferred payment method.
  • Fees are due on the first of each month. A $25 late fee is applied on the 3rd and 10th of the month. Students will be suspended and asked to sit on the 10th until fees are paid. Students are dropped on the 15th with a pending balance and may not return until the balance is paid in full. 
  • Students who are dropped will have to re-register to participate. Includes registration fee. 
  • There is a $15 NSF fee for delinquent credit & debit cards.
  • Classes are broken down into 10 installment payments. Parents must agree to a 10-month program. 
  • The drop fee is $100 and must be submitted online 30 days before the drop. Below, you will see the fees and how they are broken down. 
If you have any questions, please email us or book a 15-minute meeting with our office staff so we can answer them. (

Tuition & Fees Breakdown

Registration Fee 

$45 annually  

Due at the time of sign up, per student 

Class Tuition per month

Ballet 2/3/4

$200 / Month

5 hours / week

Ballet 1/2

$170 / Month

3 hours / week

Ballet 1

$150 / Month

2 hours / week

Pre Ballet

$105 / month

45 min / week 

Jazz/Lyrical & Hip Hop 

$120 / month 

1 to 1.5 hours / week

Multiple Class Discount

2nd class & up 10% discount = $105 / month + $ 30costume fee

Sibling Class Discount

Sibling discounts (must live in same household & cannot exceed more than 2 dancers)

10% off monthly tuition

Miscellaneous Fees

Rehearsal, Prop/Theatre & Costumes per season ( 10 months )

Ballet Students

$40 / month

Non Ballet Students

$30 / month 

Note:  Dancers who register in a 2nd class or more, pay for class tuition + costume fee only

  • No additional miscellaneous fees.
  • Additional costumes may be charged for older students' classes. - You will be notified in advance prior to being charged.
  • Dancers who sign up after costumes have been ordered are required to pay an additional $20 per costume for tax and shipping costs. 
  • If you are unsure what level your student belongs in from experience please reach out to our office or sign up for a free trial week on our website.
  • Free trials expire after 1 week.
  • Students may take as many classes in their 1 week trial as they desire for their age or school level.

Ballet 2/3/4

Ages 11- 17

Middle & High School with experience

Ballet 1/2 + 2

(separate levels)

Ages 8 - 10/11

Elementary & Middle School with Beginner to Intermediate experience

Ballet 1 

Ages 5 - 7 

Kindergarten/Elementary with Beginner experience

Pre Ballet 

Ages 2 - 4 

Parent involved class 

PreSchool & Kindergarten 

Beginner Jazz 

Ages 4/5 - 7 

Beginner/No experience

Intermediate Jazz

Ages 8 - 11 

Intermediate experience

Intermediate/Advanced Jazz/Lyrical

Ages 12 - 17

Middle/High Schoolers with Experience

Hip Hop 

Ages 9 - 17

All levels welcome