SAJ Tuition Breakdown

We know that the cost of living has been hard on many since the pandemic and that your family budget can sometimes become overwhelming. As you may know, our semester is 10 months or 39 weeks in length. Our season starts in August and ends in June, mirroring the PSUSD school schedule. We have taken the annual cost of the class, including the miscellaneous fees, and divided it into 10 payment installments. We have lowered some of our fees such as our registration fee. We are giving a larger discount for additional classes. By doing this, you can expect your auto payment to be the same amount throughout the season. This means you will not have additional fees added to your monthly bill. Your tuition will be all-inclusive. These fees, however, do not include private lessons, solo choreography lessons, or anything outside of the recreational class schedule and fees.

All parents/guardians must have an active credit card on file, regardless of their preferred payment method. Fees are due on the first of each month. There is a $20 late fee applied on the 3rd and the 10th of the month. Students will be suspended on the 10th until fees are paid and dropped on the 15th. Students who are dropped will have to register to participate. Classes are broken down into 10 installment payments. Parents must agree to a 10-month program (39 weeks of instruction) The drop fee is $100 and must be submitted online 30 days before the drop.

Below you will see the fees and how they are broken down. If you have any questions please email us or book a 15 min meeting with our office staff so we can answer any questions. (

Ballet Class Breakdown 
Includes miscellaneous fees shown below

Ballet 2/3/4 $180 (3 days a week for 1.5 hr.) and conditioning class (1 day per week for 1 hr.) | High School/ Middle School with experience
Ballet 1/2 $140 (2 days a week for 1 hr.) | Middle School/Elementary with Intermediate Experience
Ballet 1 $140 (2 days a week for 1 hr.) | Elementary/Kindergarten with Beginner Experience
Pre Ballet $105.00 (45 min class per week | ages 2-4-year-old parent involved class

Extra-Curricular Class Breakdown
Includes miscellaneous fees shown below.

For a dancer who doesn’t take Ballet the 1st class is $120.00 Tuition for 2nd class and on is $105.00
Extra classes offered (see schedule for time and day)
Hip Hop
Private Lessons: please email the office (
Solo Choreography: please email the office (

Miscellaneous Fees 
The registration fee of $40.00 per student is annual. This fee was dropped from $50 in prior seasons.

These miscellaneous fees are included in the tuition of your first class.
Prop Fee $75.00 annually
Rehearsal Fee $60.00 annually; There are 6 rehearsals. Sept/Oct/Nov for the winter show and March/April/May for the spring show.

This fee is included in the tuition for every class.
The costume fee of $65.00 is for one costume. Additional costumes may be charged for older kid's classes. You will be notified in advance prior to being charged.